Bright Track Credit Score

Bright Track Credit Score

Free credit score and credit report access with Dupaco's Bright Track

Stay on the right track for a financial future that's bright. Dupaco's Bright Track provides you access to your credit score and credit report, as well as tools to help you improve your score—accessible now within Shine Mobile Banking! Bright Track is available to you as a free benefit of your credit union membership.

Bright Track is a smarter way to look at your credit

Along with your credit score, Bright Track provides you information on why your credit score falls where it does, and provides you practical ways to improve upon it. Bright Track assigns a letter grade to each of the five components that make up your score, and action items to help you understand what you should do to improve or maintain your score.

In addition, Bright Track also allows you to review your credit report, allowing you to better guard against identity theft and keep tabs on your financial life to pay less and save more.

Understanding your credit score is important because it is used by lenders, insurance providers, landlords, and employers in determining rates, ability to make payments, and your personal integrity. The lower your score, the higher the likelihood you'll pay more for credit and other services, or be denied credit until your score improves.

Coupled with Dupaco's other credit improvement tools like one-on-one Credit History Lessons and credit-building loans, you may be able to lift your credit score and keep it there with Bright Track.

Not a member yet? No problem! Open a membership with Dupaco at any branch or by joining online. Once you are a member, you can benefit from the many products and services that Dupaco has to offer, including Bright Track!


Who can access Bright Track?

Within Shine Mobile Banking Bright Track is only available to the Primary account holder. Credit score education is important at Dupaco, and we want to ensure that joint account holders have access to Bright Track, too. For information on how joint account holders may access Bright Track outside of Shine, please contact Dupaco.

How does Bright Track receive my credit score and credit report?

Dupaco works with a trusted third-party service provider, Savvy Money, to deliver your credit score and report directly to you through Bright Track. No Dupaco employee can see your Bright Track credit score or report; they are confidential and available only for you to view within Shine. In addition, Savvy Money will never share your personal information with outside entities.

Is Bright Track a full credit report?

Yes. Bright Track shows your Vantage credit score, which ranges from 300 to 850, along with key factors from your credit report that impact your score. It also includes a full credit report that provides a detailed view of your credit history, account detail, payment history, bankruptcies and other potentially derogatory items.

Will Dupaco use Bright Track's credit score and credit report to make loan decisions?

No. Dupaco uses its own lending criteria for making loan decisions and does not have access to your Bright Track credit score or report.